Thank You, Library and Bookshop

When and if I ever get published, there will be a long list of thanks. And top of that list will be my local library and local bookshop.

My library in general because without them, I would never have discovered the vast majority of books I’ve read. Every single book I’ve read has influenced my writing, whether I know I or not, and most of those books were found whilst browsing library shelves.

And my library in specific because when I’ve needed to track down an obscure reference (and not everything is on the internet!) I’ve found it there, just waiting for me, in some old books I could never find else where.

I’d thank my local booksshop because when I went in with a vague enquiry about a certain kind of reference book, perhaps with maps (I needed to write in this one, so it couldn’t be from the library. Writing in my own book is bad enough, but people who write in library books should be boiled in ink!) the lady behind the counter led me right to the very book I needed, a book I didn’t even know existed.

So thank you library, and thank you bookshop. Long may you exist, despite the best attempts of politicians and cheap clothing stores to close you down.


One response to “Thank You, Library and Bookshop

  1. I’ve done this myself for some books. It’s a bit of a cumbersome process– you have to get to the library, and get the appropriate volumes, and then look up the author and the title– but it can be done.

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