First Draft Finished!

Today is a good day, because I finished the first draft of a brand new book.

As you know, I normally write short ghost stories. Short stories because I’m useless at thinking up a longer plot, and ghost stories because that just happens to be what I enjoy.

And so what happens? A few weeks ago a plot, and characters and setting for a Victorian murder mystery pops into my head and refuses to go away.

Normally when I get the idea for a full length book I write a few chapters, then get tired or bored or run out of ideas and end up leaving it half-written. That, much to my surprise, did not happen this time. The ideas kept coming, and I kept writing and it all came very easily, and just 8 weeks after having an idea, the first draft is written.

It’s in longhand (because I always find it best to write the first draft in longhand) so it needs typing up, and then will need a couple of rewrites (and I have quite bad writers cramp today) but the first, and hardest part is done.

So what did I learn? Well, not to restrict myself to one genre, for a start. I’ve always loved crime novels, especially historical ones, but never tried to write one because I have difficulty thinking up nicely complex mysteries, not to mention a clever solution. Apparently though, all those years reading mysteries have taught me something, because I think I’ve come up with a good idea.

And the other lesson is that given the right plot and characters (and wrist brace) I can write a full length book.

Now just to type up, rewrite, and see if anyone wants to publish it. And I’d better do it now, because it appears this book is first in a series, as ideas for the next one are already drifting across my mind.


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