Mystery Writing by Christine Duncan


Recently I was reading my way through Crimespace a forum for mystery writers, when I came across a question from a new writer asking how to write a crimescene. I had of course, to read this, in case someone listed something I had not yet checked into.

The answers varied from check into Lee Lofland’s The Graveyard shift (which is a great resource,) to a book that looked promising to something that never would have occurred to me. Read crime novels, they said. Check out TV. Really? This counts as research?

I have attended my city’s citizen’s police academy which included everything from a ride-a-long to an afternoon at the firing range trying to hit a target, made a fool out of myself asking everyone from firefighters to FBI agents questions, read book after book on forensics. I wasted all that time when I could have just checked out Monk?

I definitely feel like I’m missing something somewhere because some of the folks who answered this way are doing way better with their writing careers than I am.

Fake it ’till you make it, I guess.


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