Clarification by Christine Duncan


I’m finding myself in the somewhat odd position of trying to moderate my last post. It has been driven into me, by people who read it and felt the need to confront that it must have been a bit over-dramatic. For those of you who didn’t read it, let me just say that for one reason or another, I have to find a new publisher. But since I have been contacted by people who either offered extreme sympathy, bordering on what you’ve give a grieving widow, or folks who seemed to want to give me a swift kick, for my own good, you understand, I think I need to be more clear.

I am not giving up on writing or on having my books published.

I am, however, still working full time at my day job, weekends at my husband’s office doing his books and trying to get ready to do our taxes, spending way too much time a day looking for a new job to replace the day job, and of yeah, volunteering on my city’s board of adjustments. Plus I have (grown) children, the above mentioned husband and a house and…you all know the drill.

Getting a new publisher (or becoming my own publisher) is going to take a minute. Sigh. But not because I don’t want it to happen yesterday. Just because I have to clear some space on my calendar for the work it will take.


One response to “Clarification by Christine Duncan

  1. I understood what you said w/o a problem. I know of a few fellow writers who are in the same boat (one by choice, one not by choice) and from what I understand, it’s not easy thing to start back at square one (so to speak), again.

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