The More Things Change by Christine Duncan


The publisher who holds the print rights to both books and the e rights to my first book recently sent out an email letting all of the house’s authors know that due to recession, illness and changes in the publishing industry, Trebleheart Books will be closing down. She wants us all to buy our own books.

Due to my own changes of email and work, I didn’t even find out right away.

And buying the books right now is an expense I don’t think I can justify with my job ending.

I can’t say this is the first time this has happened to me. It’s not even the second. But this time, I’m not sure I can cope. I have my second book available electronically from another publisher so it will be still available. But the first will just be out of print.

I don’t want to start over again.

And yes, I know this happens a lot…obviously. And the only thing to do is to keep trudging on. Publish it myself. Or find another publisher.

Today it all seems too much.


One response to “The More Things Change by Christine Duncan

  1. I’m assuming that the publisher is asking for a lot of money in exchange for your rights back? Sort of sounds like the publisher is trying to get as much money out of their authors before they close shop.

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