Want to Guest Blog? By Christine Duncan


Once again, it took a post from those tireless promo folks over at Marketing For Romance Writers at Yahoogroups. (Yes, just string the words together and email to join the group.) for me to realize that I am falling down on the job here.

We welcome guest bloggers here at Rule of Three. We have only a very few rules.
1. The topic must be about writing (Naturally.)
2. We ask that you keep the posts semi short (500 words and under) so that people on the run can read it.
3. If you sign up to do it, folks, please follow through.

Otherwise we’re open to any genre, and (writing) topic that you want to write on and yes, we will link back to your book sale page. Yes, you can feel free to email me a Thumbnail of either you or your book. But it does have to be a thumbnail as my picture editing skills are almost non-existent.

So, are you game? Email me at Chduncan100@hotmail.com. We look forward to reading your blog post!


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