As Mr Fry said…

I think I can do no better this week than to quote what Stephen Fry said at the end of the BAFTAs last week. At least, I planned to, but no-one seems to have had the foresight to post the transcript online…

Basically, he told us all to keep going. Keep writing, keep filming, keep acting. Do not give up, because it you could end up collecting an award one day. You could succeed.

And most of all – the story, it always comes down to the story.

I cheered at the end of his speech (and also at the end of Sally Field’s speech presenting the award for best screenplay. She too praised the writers, she too said it all starts with a story).

It felt good for the writers to be acknowledged, for once. And Mr Fry’s speech certainly inspired me to keep going, keep trying, keep telling the stories, because as he said, the stories must be told.


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