Ten Minutes or All Day?

And yet another technique…..

Remember when I said that I was writing for ten minutes in my bedroom whilst getting for work? Well, ten minutes too often became fifteen or twenty, and I was late for work too many times.

So now I have the pad and pen in my kitchen, and write in between cooking dinner/ So far,I’ve burnt dinner only three times. Not bad, considering I’ve been doing this for five days…

My life seems to be a constant round of trying to fit writing in. I plot and plan and think on the bus, I scribble down quick ideas at work, when everyone’s back is turned, I write up those ideas in between housework. Sitting down and writing in one long chunk seems impossible – and even I could do it, writers cramp inevitably sets in.

However, it does actually seem to work. I think it’s because my mind is constantly on the go. If I sit down and try to have a session of writing, all motivation and inspiration slips away from me. Having to squeeze it in makes me appreciate the time I do have, the ten minutes here and there.

Well, it works for now. Although, given the chance to just sit and write all day, I would happily take it.


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