Say what You’re Going to Say by Christine Duncan


   Words are a writer’s tools, so obviously, we can be a bit picky about them.  I don’t know about you, but that has been a problem for me.  I can not stand when someone uses a word inappropriately.  And I seem to have radar when something is misspelled, except, of course, if I am the one doing it.

    To non-writers, or so I have been told, this quality can come off as being overly fussy or sometimes, just downright rude.

     But as I look for work, I am coming up against it once again.  I consider myself a bookkeeper.  The word, so my daughter tells me, is old school.  If I want a job now, I should say accountant.  I want a job but accountant means something else to me.  They are CPAs. 

     Now of course, I know in today’s job market, accountants can mean anything from the woman who imputs the data for your phone bill to the office manager who does everything from the taxes, and the journal entries to the profit and loss statements.  But the meaning has become so imprecise, I don’t know how anyone can call themselves that. 

   So as the typical, stubborn writer, I am sticking with the phrase, full charge bookkeeper.  People will know what I do. 

      Old school or not, I think words should be descriptive whether you are writing your resume or your work of fiction and the shortest possible way of telling people everything they need to know has got to be the best.  I never have liked modifiers. 


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