Social Media–yes, again by Christine Duncan

Safehouse2_cvrI have been trying to get a new job so of course, the advice is plentiful out there. Everyone who has a job, ever thought about having a job or just thought maybe they should want a job has something to add. One of the most frequent bits that crops up is about joining linked in.

Yeah, so I did.

The potential for screwing up there is pretty amazing. First off, all of my writer acquaintances are on Linked in. But I’m not looking for a writing job. I’d love to have one, mind you, but my husband insists that we also need to eat.

Do you folks who have a linked in account get two–one for writing and one for the day job?

And then there is the connect feature. I am way too fast with the mouse with that one. Linked-in for those of you, like me, who have managed to avoid this sucker so far, wants to connect you with everyone you know. So you put your resume up, and it tells you everyone who went to school where you did and everyone who has worked for your employer, trying to get you to click on names of acquaintances.

So of course, I did this and got bored, and started clicking on everything in sight. Which means, that people I’ve never met accepted my “Join my Network” offer and are now checking out my account trying to figure out just who the heck I am. I don’t have a clue how to fix that one.

Hey! No offense, but I want to unlink you?

You look perfectly acceptable but uh, I figured out that I don’t know you?
Yeah. No wonder there is that book out about social networking for dummies.


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