Word for the Year by Christine Duncan

safehouse1 I’m not much on resolutions for all the usual reasons people list. But I have been trying to do a word for the year the last few years. I pick just one word that defines the year I see ahead of me somehow.

A couple of years ago, the word I picked was “placed.” I knew I was where I was supposed to be. I found that remembering that during the not so fun times helped.

So I did it again last year. It took a while to pick it, as those of you who have been reading this blog a while know. But the word was a good one. It was “stretch.” I found a little bit of strength in that one in 2012. It was a word that acknowledged that things might not always be familiar but they were doable.

This year I am thinking of a few: adventure, discover, journey. My accounting day job is ending due to the end of the construction project and I have some decisions to make on my writing. I can’t quite see how the year will unwrap. But none of these words are quite right yet. It’s okay. I’m working on it.

The thing about picking a word for the year is that it goes beyond the writer in me, who obviously, loves words. It’s a spiritual thing too.

Feel free to give me word suggestions. Tell me how you plan to ring in this New Year. And have a happy, safe holiday, everyone!


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