The Lion King

I once met a woman who’s greatest ambition was to see The Lion King.

So why didn’t she just go and see it? I asked. Oh, she never seemed to get round to it, she said.

And of course, one day it’ll close, and she’ll never have seen The Lion King, and she say she’s sad about it, and devastated she missed it and use it as a lesson against procrastination.

But one part of her will be slightly relieved. Maybe it wouldn’t been as good as she expected. Maybe she wouldn’t have enjoyed it. And once she had seen it, what ambition would she have then?

I think that’s the fear holding a lot of people – including me – back. Not a lack of ambition, but a fear of having that ambition fulfilled. Part of us wants to wake up tomorrow a famous author. But part of us is terrified at it. Your life would change overnight. You wouldn’t be ready. And then people would start asking the big question ‘what next?’. It’s not enough to be successful and brilliant once (unless, perhaps, you’re J.D. Salinger). You have to do it again and again. And you can’t be just as good as last time. You have to be bigger and brighter every single time.

Isn’t there a quote somewhere about achieving your life’s ambition can be a dreadful thing? If not, there should be.

But that’s not to say we shouldn’t have ambitions. We should aim for the stars. But maybe it’s best to do it in tiny steps. I’ve got half a dozen little ambitions I’m set on achieving, and am achieving (quite slowly, unfortunately). But sometimes I wake in the night and dream of the big ambitions. With every little success the big success seems that bit closer. But also with every little success, I’m more ready for the big success.

She really should see The Lion King. She’ll love it.


2 responses to “The Lion King

  1. I loved this. I feel like I know the quote you’re referencing, but can’t think of it.

  2. Everyone loves The Lion King. =]
    Though I understand what you mean about fearing that our lives would change overnight. I want people to know me, but at the same time I wish to remain sheltered and invisible. Maybe I’m just not ready for it yet, just like you said.
    Great post!

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