What Do You Do When the World’s Not the Way You Want It? by Christine Duncan

This past week was not great. I’ll spare you the whining as we all have those weeks. Mine wasn’t extraordinarily awful–no one died or anything. But it did feel like a pretty hard slog.
So yesterday, to take my weekend back, to get back to not-so-emotional normal, I went to the library. And suddenly the world was okay. I got a book on making wine, and an audio mystery novel and ….
Books used this way are an escape, I know. But really is there a more sane escape out there? I mean, we all have choices but really, a good book and some chocolate seem to me to be the best of them all.
My cousin, whose house was in the path of Hurricane Sandy, was mourning the loss of her books this last week. She was without power for days, had the furnace crap out on her, and goodness knows what else. But of all the stuff she was having to wet vac, or shovel out the door, it was the books she wrote about on Facebook.
I totally understood.


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