Google Lawsuit by Christine Duncan

I haven’t heard much talk about the settlement of the Google lawsuit.  When it started years back, authors were up in arms about the idea that Google could just scan their books.  What about copyright?

   Even worse, what if an author was hard to find?  How much effort would Google have to put in to ask you about scanning your book?  “Orphaned Books” became an other part of the uproar.  After all, could they just try to google you and then claim they couldn’t find you if that didn’t come up with a valid email or phone number?

   And now that it’s settled, I hear…nothing.  I have not heard one author comment, nor can I seem to find out the details of the settlement.  Yet all seem to agree now that this is a good thing for everyone but Amazon as it will be easier to buy your book.

   I don’t get that.  That idea is predicated on the idea that people don’t like to read on their computer and hasn’t that idea been debunked by e-books?

   Are authors just screwed again?  Does anyone have more info than I do?


2 responses to “Google Lawsuit by Christine Duncan

  1. Christine, if you check out the Writer’s Beware Blog (, they have quite a bit of information and links on this particular issue.

  2. Depressing, thanks, Georgie. I’m not seeing this as a good thing at all though.

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