Not Like Anything Else

Yes, I’m late. I actually forgot it was Friday…absent-minded writer syndrome (such a handy excuse)

Anyway, I was bowling today. I could write a piece of extended metaphor about writing being like bowling, but I’d really be stretching a point. I’ve written about writing being like running and dancing and acting and chocolate craving (I may not have done that last one, that may have been a chocolate-induced fantasy).

In truth, although writing is a little bit like all these things, there is nothing, nothing quite like writing.

It demands more time and imagination and concentration than almost anything else. It’s utterly dependant on your mind and mood, even when you have to write to a schedule. It’s difficult to control, but we seek to organise it to fit our lives. And occasionally, just occasionally, it creates a moment of utter and complete joy. It’s a high that nothing, not even drugs or dancing can reproduce.

The more I write, the more I learn about it. And the more I learn, the more I realise all my previous ideas about writing were just a little bit wrong.


One response to “Not Like Anything Else

  1. Bowling is like writing if you are a really bad bowler. Most attempts end up in the gutter (of rejection). Once in a while, you get lucky and knock down a pin or two.

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