The Piece That Didn’t Quite Fit

There are times when I come up with a scene, or a dialogue or just a description that I love, totally independently of anything that I happen to be writing at the time.

So of course, the only thing I can do is to write something to frame this passage I so desperately want to write. A short story, a long story – I’ve even written a whole book just to fit around this one sequence.

But then something happens when I get to the moment in the story where this sequence I’ve longed to write should fit. Suddenly it doesn’t feel so good anymore. Suddenly it feels awkward and clumsy, and not worthy of what I’ve written.

It’s as if whilst I’ve written the framing story, the tale has grown and matured and changed. And then when I get to that original piece of work, it’s out of date. It’s been left behind.

It’s happened to me a few times now. I suppose it’s a bizarre form of inspiration. But it can be very frustrating.


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