I Know I’m Not The Only One by Christine Duncan

It’s that time of year again. The breeze has turned to a wind, the leaves are skittering down the street and I want to read mystery fiction set in the fall. I want Halloween, I want Thanksgiving, heck I’ll settle for the first day of school.

Do you think I can find it?

Yeah, sites likes Myshelf.com help with their holiday bookshelves, but I’m not finding much new there. Why doesn’t my local library have a search engine that makes this easy? I am missing traditional bookstores where they would have displays of books relating to the season. They are becoming scarce, at least where I live.

Authors are required to supply a list of tags for their books to help their publishers with promo. (And authors, you should think about this as you write so you don’t miss any themes that might help sell the book.) So why doesn’t it trickle down to our libraries?

Oh well, I should be writing anyway.


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