My Subconscious Was Right

Remember last week, when I was convinced my subconscious hated me because it insisted on giving me a great idea ten minutes just before I left for work? Turns out I may have been doing my subconscious a disservice.

Every morning this week, whilst running around trying to get ready for work (I always sleep in..I’m not made for mornings) I’ve managed to sit down for ten minutes and write. And surprisingly, I’ve managed to write more in those quick snatched moments than in all the hours I’ve planned to write.

It seems when I plan a .long evening of writing, I somehow miss it. I have a class, or I had a hard time at work, or I fall asleep, or I get distracted by TV, and somehow the writing never gets done.

But give me a quick ten minutes that I can actually ill-afford to spare, a race against time, a battle between the need to write and the need to get to my job and there’s no stopping me.

Perhaps it’s the tension of writing against the clock, or the thrill of writing when I shouldn’t or just writing in ten minute bursts, but it’s very stimulating.

I’m not sure this method will work for an entire book, but for a short story it’s great. And if it throws up any faults, any lack of continuity or forgotten plot threads, I can fix those in the re-write (which I always find easier to get down to doing).

So, subconscious, I forgive you. You don’t hate me. In fact, you’re brilliant.

Mind you, this new method will only be inspiriing for a while. Three months down the line, I’ll have to find another way to stimulate the creative urge.


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