Writing from (Bad) Experience by Christine Duncan

On the opposite side of the spectrum (and the Atlantic) from Michelle, I live in Colorado. And the last few weeks have not been all that thrilling.
My husband and I were actually on an airplane flying to Florida when we found out about the theater tragedy. A lady asked us what was it with us folks in Colorado. Why do we shoot so many people?
I told her that I’d moved to Colorado many years back just because of the wonderful people–beautiful scenery, 300 days of sunshine a year, yes, but it was the people who drew me.
She didn’t look as though she believed me.
We, along with the rest of the nation, were horrified, but the writer side of me was (I am ashamed to say) taking notes. I looked at folks in the airport after I found out. Could this person go ballistic? How about him?
When we came home to Colorado, we were greeted with the news that many more concealed weapons permits were being taken out. People were afraid that right would go away and they wanted to protect themselves. Who knew that could be a reaction?
As a mother, my reaction was more along the lines of how young most of the victims were. I wanted to call all of my young adult offspring and tell them not to go out at night any more. I already knew their reaction to that.
I did call the kid who stayed home from the wedding and tell him I needed some face time. The mother part of me didn’t relax until I saw him.
The geek side of me, the side that had been sort of interested in seeing the movie Batman, no longer ruled. I can’t conceive of wanting to see it now.
And the writer side of me is still wanting to take notes.


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