What Education is Necessary for a Writer? by Christine Duncan

As many of you know, I’m on the lookout for a new job, as my present one in the accounting firm of a large construction firm building light rail in my community is ending.  So I’m looking at everything right now.  One of the jobs mailed to me by one of those job search deals was for a writer/editor for the Department of the Interior.  They want someone who had some experience with gathering data and certified payroll.  It sounded right up my alley.


         Except it didn’t.


  The job posting required several years of graduate study.  It didn’t specify in what. I am about 18 credits short of a Bachelors degree in accounting.


 But I don’t believe that good writing requires graduate study per se.  It requires a commitment; that goes without saying.  It requires time and thought and a whole lot of reading.  You can’t be a good writer without reading.

As for certified payroll, a child could do that if it were explained properly.

So I’m here to ask you—do you believe it takes a college degree to write?  How about a high school degree?  And what about that graduate study?


2 responses to “What Education is Necessary for a Writer? by Christine Duncan

  1. You are a writer. Your writing skills prove that. I recommend you read Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. If you wonder about the writing life, this book will enlighten you.

  2. Some people think that if you have an MFA, then it means you’re someone who heads above someone else who doesn’t. However, I’ve read quite a few stories by people who didn’t have an MFA after their name, and their stuff was a heck of lot more entertaining than those who did.

    Having said that, I’ve been contemplating the idea of taking a creative writing course, just to see if I can pick up some tips on improving my writing.

    By the way, all I have to my name is a high school diploma.

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