Ummm… So What Happens Next?

Plots. I’m useless at them.

There’s a book by Jasper Fforde called Well of Lost Plots. I would love to dip in there and ‘borrow’ a few plots.

You see – something happens. Then something else. Perhaps something else. Then the inevitable twist and the end.

Not much of a plot, is it? Not for an entire book. I tried cheating by writing short stories, but they need a plot too.

One way of fixing this is to fully write out a plot beforehand, study it, think about it, and add as many sub-plots and twists as I can.

The problem with this is, I think stories should grow organically, and this method is against all that.

What I tend to do now is write the story. Then I read it and pick up on all the hints and suggestions of sub-plots and back-story and fore-shadowing (that all comes very easily). Then go back and rewrite, following through on all those hints. But this is time-consuming.

The irony is – I love a good convoluted plot. I love having a number of disparate strands fall together, and pieces falling into place pages before the end. When reading, I place a great emphasis on a good plot.

On the plus point, I know this is my weak point. That means I can concentrate on this when creating a story. I can leave dialogue and character to take care of themselves, and work on the plot.

But good grief, it’s hard work!


One response to “Ummm… So What Happens Next?

  1. Got quite a few trunk novels/regular short stories ike that in which the plot has petered out, and in one instance, I managed to write an entire story without any plot to speak of.

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