This week, I read an article which included this quote, from Dr Schooler, a daydream expert for the University of California (seems apt).

‘For creativity, you need your mind to wander’

I agree completely with this. The question is – do I do it?

I’m good at the planning and the research and the tasks and the ordering. But how often do I just sit and daydream? Not often, I have to say.

Part of the problem is, when I do daydream, I tend to sink into my dream so deeply that when I finally wake up from them, everyone around me is looking at me strangely – I’ll have cried out or muttered or moved strangely in my little fantasy. So daydreaming on the bus is out.

I can’t daydream at home – there’s too much to distract me (housework, admin tasks, TV, books, dinner, so on).

The best place is, I think, walking in a park in the sunshine. And therein lies another problem – my country is currently in it’s wettest summer in recorded history. The sun, if it appears, disappears again almost immediately. I cannot remember what a sunny day feels like. And somehow, walking in the park in torrential rain and bitter chill in July doesn’t quite have the same rhapsodic effect as strolling on a sunny day.

However, my creativity waxes and wanes. Therefore I think i must, in my well-ordered, well-planned, task-orientated way, make time to day dream.

Finally, although it has nothing to do with this subject, I wanted to share this quote by Edith Wharton. She asked her diary what writing a book was like, and in reply, wrote this

‘The beginning; a ride through a spring wood. The middle; the Gobi desert. The end; going down the Cresta run’


One response to “Daydreaming

  1. Have you tried daydreaming before you fall asleep? When you lay down in bed at night, just spend the time until you doze off daydreaming. =]

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