Writing News by Christine Duncan


I am having one of those….months. I swear I wrote this and scheduled it for publication a week or two back. But anywhere here it is.

So often when writers are rejected by a publisher they turn inward, wondering what was wrong with their submission. And sometimes, more often than I would like, the manuscript could use a bit of revision.
But the changes in our industry are so swift, so huge, that it’s important for all of us to keep in mind that rejections could just mean that something else is going on. That’s why it’s so important to keep up with the industry news.
And yet many writers don’t.
For instance, did you know?
Recently, Hougton Mifflin, a major textbook publisher filed for bankruptcy.

Did you know that Barnes and Noble objected to the proposed anti-trust settlement with e-book publishers, saying it would favor Amazon?

Have you heard the prediction that one quarter of all books sold in 2014 will be electronic versions? And isn’t that too cool? (Yes, yes, I still like paper books too. But you CAN have both.)

We are not in an industry where you can ignore the news. It can affect your decisions on where and how to submit your stuff, how you feel about your own writing, and even how much you get paid.

So where do you get your news?


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