Collaborations by Christine Duncan couldn’t help tagging onto Michelle’s post here because I have collaborated a couple of times. One time, I and about 7 other writers each decided to write a chapter using our own heroes interacting with one another to make a book to promote a mystery group. One other writer volunteered to promote it. One other edited. All we had to do was solve the mystery. We had no outline or suggested plot. We didn’t even stick to subgenre as some of us wrote Noire and some wrote cozy and some wrote PI. It was fun, it was crazy and it wasn’t literature by any sense of the word. But I would do it again.

The other time I tried to collaborate with a friend. She wrote wonderful description, I write without any description at first. It should have been a fit. It sucked big time.

Any time I thought the description was going on forever, she objected. Any time she thought the action slowed….well you get the drift. Too many chiefs, not enough indians.

My take away from all of this is that writing with another person takes a little more thought, and a little more organization. And a lot less ego.

I think I could do it with certain people. But they have to be people I trust a lot.


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