Facebook Pages by Christine Duncan


I have never created a Facebook author page before.  It seemed too complicated.  And I thought you probably needed a bunch of fans.  Turns out, it’s rather simple. Sign in and go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php


Authors are included with artists, bands, and public figures down on the lower left.  Pick that one and tell them you are a writer.  Then, figure out what picture you want to represent you.  Tell a little about yourself.(I’m still working on all of that. I always have trouble editing my cover pics.) Pick a FacebookURL  (mine is http://www.Facebook.com/christineduncanmysteries.) and you’re in.

So what do you do there?  I don’t know. It says invite all your friends, but frankly, I always find myself stalling there.  I mean Really?  Isn’t that just… I don’t know…invasive?????

  But you can do status updates on what you’ve got out there, contests, new publications.  Where you’ll be signing.  I guess.  It’s another forum. 


So here I’ve been on Facebook for God knows how long, and I’m just figuring this all out.  Sigh.


But hopefully, you my writer friends are a step ahead and can tell me what to do next.


Happy Memorial day everyone! Tell a soldier Thank You!


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