All at Once

My writing tasks are like finding books to read – I can’t find anything I like for ages, then suddenly it all happens at once. I currently have three books on the go, and am fighting the temptation to start a fourth.

As for writing projects – I had a plan. Finish the book I’m on. Continue sending the other ones out to publishers. Edit and arrange the short stories. It was a good plan, well thought out, with timescales and everything.

And it’s all fallen apart.

I’m still working on the book I’m on, but for some reason, ideas on how to improve the short stories have suddenly popped into my brain, and no amount of whispering ‘not now, I’m busy!’ won’t stop them (but will get me some odd looks on the bus). I’m coming up with the ideas for the book I swore was finished, and am sending out to publishers. On top of all that I had a brilliant idea that just won’t let go and that I have to write right now.

I’m exhausted. Also, I have writer’s cramp.

The creative part of my brain just won’t accept timescales. In fact, it just screws up my plans, laughs in their faces and kicks them down the stairs. (Yes, I mixed a metaphor!)


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