Getting Published Doesn’t Just Happen Either by Christine Duncan I want to piggy back on Michelle’s post and say something I have said before but I think people need to remember. Even when you do have talent, and the right timing and the training, even when you have luck and get published, life happens.

Editors move on. Publishers change their lines. And writers may have to find new agents, new publishers, new ways to be published. I am on my third or is it my fourth myself? And so I know.

I know plenty of writers who don’t keep keeping on. They aren’t less talented. They haven’t failed to learn the craft. They still turn up at critique even but they just don’t try any new publishers anymore.

If you remember that writing is a business and think about how many different jobs you have had since you got your first one flipping burgers, you can take changes in the industry or in your personal publishing route in stride. There is no person out there who can defeat you better than you can defeat yourself.


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