Another Quality of Writers by Christine Duncan I have to agree with Michelle’s post. I think writers do use writing as a refuge. I know for me, sometimes writing about a problem helps me solve it as I lay it out for the reader.

Another quality of writers is that we tend to believe reading can solve things too. Because every good writer I know reads almost to excess.

This past week, some of my siblings were dealing with health problems, my car broke down, and my husband and I considered putting in solar hot water panels. I turned to reading for each and every one of these things. I checked the internet, read pamphlets, got books out of the library and I did all of these things before I asked any “authorities” because I wanted information I could trust.

It did help too. I figured out what was happening to my brother and sister, even if I didn’t like it. My husband and I have some neat ideas on how to mount those solar panels. And I got some information that I hope will fix the car. (Cross your fingers for me.)

When it comes to problem solving, reading can be a refuge too. And that’s not even counting “escape” reading that helps you get your mind off the problem, so you can go back to it later refreshed.


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