Are You Constantly Connected? By Christine Duncan

All the world is social media mad. We are constantly told that if we are not on social media we are missing out. We should be there to look for work, promote our writing, connect with everyone we ever knew.

I gotta tell you folks. It’s too freaking frustrating. Do not tell me it is a way to keep up with what my (grown) children are doing. Two sample posts from today should tell you the problem with that. My oldest son wrote and I quote, “I want exploding chickens.” And my youngest is, again I quote, “now friends with Microwave Oven.” I don’t know what I’m supposed to get from that, but I think I’m better off communicating verbally.

I just figured out Friday that I could hide from Words with Friends on Facebook. Whoo! Obviously, Farmville must have something similar. All I have to do now is figure out how to get folks to stop inviting me to do all of those 2 million other things I don’t want to do. For instance, I don’t want to put my birthday on your calendar, I’m not up for another group-ANY other group. And no more games. Please!

Sigh. That’s just Facebook. Don’t get me started on Linked In. And Pinterest? I’m not artsy crafty in real life. I don’t think I’ve added that feature virtually.

I do not see myself as a Beta tester for Googles glasses either. But it does back up my assertion that we are all now Borg. Eternally connected, whether we want to be or not. It just makes me cranky. Frankly, I think it tends to make us ALL cranky. Seriously, have you ever interrupted someone who was in the middle of something online. No wonder the Borg have no sense of humor.

Which just means that all of us, no matter what genre we write, are all really writing science fiction. I mean, instant connection? Tell me that the next time Twitter goes down.

I think I’m going with slower stuff just now. No more doing just because I can do it or someone else thinks I should. I’m not saying I won’t promote on Facebook or tweet once in a while, but I’m no longer going to feel guilty about not trying to take advantage of every promo or writing opportunity. I’m going to slow down a bit and try to enjoy more. And maybe try to figure out what the heck my sons are trying to say.


2 responses to “Are You Constantly Connected? By Christine Duncan

  1. It’s pretty easy to hide all the games from your FB feed, as well as the invites that you get for stuff like b’days…However, all of this stuff was one of the contributing reasons as to why I decided to unplug myself from FB in October ’11.

    I found that staying in contact with a bunch of people whose entire world revolved around FB really wasn’t doing it for me and didn’t outweigh the benefits of staying in contact with just a few close friends by other means.

  2. I’ve lost my internet for a while, as I’m moving house. Part of me is panicking at the lost of that connection – but part of is relieved I’ll have time to read and write without being distracted by Lolcats and Cakewrecks and FML


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