The REAL Writer’s Block

I won’t be typing much right now, or at all this weekend. A few hours ago, as I was typing at work, I got the first aches in my wrists, followed by shooting pains up and down my hands. My RSI is returning with a vengeance.

I type all day at work, as well as typing at home, so this tends to happen to me quite a bit. All the wrist guards and exercises and devices won’t help once it’s started – I just have to rest my wrists.

This must happen to other writers. I know it does. I read about some writer doing 5000 words a day, every day, and I cry out ‘why doesn’t your hands drop off?’. I know why writers have a reputation for turning to drink. It’s to ease the pain, not of their tortured souls, but of their aching wrists.

As you probably know, it is very painful. (If you could hear me, you’d hear a long string of ‘ow’s and the occasional swear word). So no matter how much inspiration I have, no matter how much I need it, no matter what deadlines I have, I will not be writing at all this weekend. I’m blocked not by my mind, nor my spirit, but sheer physical damage, and it is the most frustrating block of all


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