Authors, Send it Back Out by Christine Duncan

It happened again. I ran into a writer friend at the library, no less. And asked about his manuscript. The answer? He said, “Well, I sent it to an agent and he couldn’t sell it so I put it away.”

When I asked how many people the agent had sent it to? Just five. Five? Really? People, if you were out of work, and sent out 5 job applications with no response, would you quit looking? How do you folks live?

Here’s the deal. There is a time to quit. But it’s not after only a couple of people–or four or five have seen it. Find another agent. Or send the thing out yourself. Unless of course, you know you could do better. So you put it on hold while you fix it. Unless of course, you died in the interim. Those are your only excuses.

Now get that manuscript back out there.

And FYI for next time, it’s easier to do the research of the list, yes read that word again,


of folks you will send it to, before you send it out. Then when the reply comes back, make it a practice to not even hesitate–just send it to the next person on the list.


2 responses to “Authors, Send it Back Out by Christine Duncan

  1. I second your thought.
    Often people complain about the lack of luck in being published, without noticing that perseverance is the key to unlock every door.

    Your comparison with sending out a job application is really appropriate: why no one approaches writing with the same respect he shows to his job?

  2. I agree that perseverance is the key. I took a shotgun approach with my novel, in that I queried both agents and publishers.

    On my 11th try, I sold it.

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