Authors Need to Diversify Too by Christine Duncan I am a die hard Sci Fi fan, something that gives me pause when I think I can quote all of the words from “The Trouble with Tribbles” episode from Star Trek but can’t find my keys. How is that for memory? But I digress.
I love Sci Fi but I have never written any. I write mystery. Which I like (I learned long ago to never write something you don’t like–your disdain will show through.) But I’m thinking more of diversity now.
Because just like any other market, publishing has trends. And authors who are sucessful, are flexible about these trends. Check it out, Nora Roberts is a big name in Romance novels, but she also writes as J.D. Robb and thus is a name in the mystery field. Many romance novelists do a little of both.
S/F has always seemed so…above me. You have to create whole new worlds, after all.
But now I’m thinking about it.
Did I mention I decided on my word for the year? Yup, finally got one. The word is Stretch.


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