Getting Started Again by Christine Duncan what do you do to get back to your writing? I’ve read of veteran authors who leave their works in progress at a good point, so they can just jump back in. One writer even recommended leaving it mid-sentence.

Apparently, I am not a good judge for good leaving points, because I have tried that and ended by cursing myself for the rest of the day for not finishing up the scene before because I have no idea what to write next.

I’ve also read the theory where you write for ten minutes (or whatever time you want) on anything. Write your diary, write that you can’t write, write your blog. Whatever–just write and then you will be able to whip out your current manuscript and get to work.

I’m sure it works for someone. Just not me.

What does work for me is tedious, time consuming and reliable as the sun rising and setting. I have to read what I wrote. Edit it. And generally get back into it. Then I can write new material to add to it.

If I just wrote yesterday, this can be a pretty quick process; I will just go back over the previous scene. If I took off a longer period of time (no, I never ever do that, of course not!) it can be a process that takes a couple of days.

I’m there right now, due to a nasty stomach bug last week, the holidays and oh yeah, the Broncos. But I’d love a shortcut if someone has one.


One response to “Getting Started Again by Christine Duncan

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