Lost by Karen Fainges

The Shayton Chronicles Book 3: The Children of Tamal by Karen Fainges (Fantasy: Vampire)There are times when you just feel totally lost. Everything is too hard and there are a 100 reasons to get out of bed and none of them are worth it.

As a depressive, that is a bad spiral to get into. You feel so guilty about not doing something that you end up doing nothing at all.

Well, I just found one way to get myself out of it, read back over past successes.

I was in an online writing group and reading back over the years of posts, I could see times I wrote really good stuff, times it was full of typos and times it stunk. Most of all though, I saw that for years, I was writing and having a ball with people who became my friends. People from all over the world that I probably would never meet but I would miss when they were gone. People who I had shared jokes and tears with. People who had created an online world and let me join in. Being a part of ASR will always be something special to me.

Sometimes you need to be part of something. Writing can be a lonely business and being part of something special gives you that reason to go on.


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