Slightly Accident-Prone

. So, last week, I broke my wrist. (Ice-skating, which was lovely until I fell).

That’s fine, I thought. I can still write. I broke my left wrist, and I’m right-handed.


I type with both hands. And though I can just about pick out individual letters with my left hand right now, it’s very painful to do so. Plus the cast keeps hitting the other keys. So I’m typing a lot slower.

I actually use the mouse with my left hand, so there’s not too much strain on my right hand (I got RSI in that wrist a few years ago). But now I have to use my right hand for that too, and it’s feeling the strain.

As for writing by hand – my left hand, as it turns out, held the paper still, and just clamping the cast down on it doesn’t do the job. The paper slides everywhere, so now my handwriting, always bad, slopes and slides across the page as if I were writing on a rollercoaster. In the rain. With my eyes shut.

So my writing schedule is, once again, disrupted. No sooner do I get into the flow of regularly scheduled writing then I break a wrist/have to have emergency operation/catch swine flu/have to do extra work/crash and somehow utterly destroy my computer.

Back to writing as and when I can, then.


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