And then again…

. Remember last week, when I talked about how I get stuck on the second part (what I call second part, there’s probably a proper official name for it) of the book? Could do the rest, but not that bit.

Well, this week I’ve had an operation, so have been able to do pretty much nothing apart from think. I still have that wall, but then I realised…

Why do I need to write it now? I always do a massive rewrite after the first draft. Why not just skip to the part I know how to write, and add that ‘second bit’ in later? (I really must find out the proper name for that section).

I already have the habit of skipping exposition and scene-setting to skip to the action (bad habit. Bad bad habit. But I do write it in later). Maybe in the first draft I should just accept that, and write what I already have in my head.

I just have to remember to fill out the story in the rewrite. I’ll stick a big sign on my desk saying ‘Fill In The Gaps!’

I also think this second part should, in some clever and mysterious way, foreshadow the ending (not in all books, that just happens to be my style). And as I don’t know the ending until I write it, how can I foreshadow it? (Maybe that explains the block…writing this all out is very much a voyage of self-discovery for me!).

So that’s the plan. Not throw the second part away (Second Act?). Just skip it. Fill it in later, when I know what I ought to be writing.


One response to “And then again…

  1. oh yes, been there, done that, bought the T-shirt and pretty much wore the darn thing out. When I’m writing, nothing seems to be in order then I have to put darn thing together like a jigsaw puzzle.

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