The Nook? Really? by Christine Duncan I was listening to NPR today and heard an interview that would have been rather startling just a few short years ago. The reporter was interviewing the owner of a rather large East coast used bookstore and he asked her what her take was as to why Borders didn’t make it and Barnes and Noble is still in business.
Her thoughts? Barnes and Noble jumped on the e-bandwagon and that saved the day for them. The Nook, their e-reader is a competitor of the Kindle and the fact that Barnes and Noble came up with that, along with content for it, was, she believed, the reason they are still viable.
Mind you, this isn’t a woman who reads e-books, if the interview is to be believed. She has a used (paper) bookstore.
Who would have thought…say back in 2000 that anyone would think that e-books could save a huge bookstore’s business.
Now if only we would use them to save…say our school budgets. Think of it, no more having your kid work with out-of date geography and science books. And no more backpacks that give the kids backaches.


One response to “The Nook? Really? by Christine Duncan

  1. I remember in school once weighing my backpack and it was 5 kilos at least – and I had to lug it around all day. And some of the book I like are fairly hefty (historical biographies, which weigh a tad more than certain fantasy novels) – but cos of my ebook, I can carry them everywhere, which has certainly widened my reading range. No use reading a book I can barely carry to and from the library, let alone drag to work, coffee shop etc
    Michelle B

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