What the other guy is reading

. Much as I love my ebook, there is one disadvantage to it. No-one can see what I’m reading, and I can’t see what other people (if they have an ebook) is reading.

I love seeing what books other people choose. I remember getting on the Tube the morning after one of the Harry Potter books came out, and seeing almost an entire carriage of commuters reading the new Harry Potter. It was a wonderful sense of togetherness, all of us reading the same book.

And it’s fascinating to see someone else discovering a book I already love. I saw someone utterly engrossed in Game of Thrones the other day, and I so pleased that someone else was loving it as much as I did.

Whenever I visit someone’s home, the first thing I do is go over to their bookshelves and see what they read. I think it’s the ultimate clue to their character – which books do they own, and more importantly, which books have they actually read and which are there for show?

I miss that. There’s a wonderful sense of community, to look up and catch someone’s eye and manage to express in one glance ‘I see you’re reading that book! I did too, and I loved it’. In future, when I meet someone new, I’m going to have to find a sneaky way to take a peek at their Kindle.


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