Words! by Christine Duncan

http://www.amazon.com/Safe-House-Christine-Duncan/dp/1936127008/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1257712524&sr=8-2 Yesterday, I had that Meet the Author event at the library that I’ve been obsessing over. I had no bookmarks, they all got bent and messed up. I had no flyers asking people to invite me to talk to their book groups–my computer went down. I forgot to bring the Sony reader because I was so upset over the other stuff.
And yet, it was a very nice couple of hours talking to people who love books.
Did I sell much? Nah. Neither did anyone else I talked to although there was a bunch of trading of books going on between the authors. I think the woman with the cookbook was the winner there.
A lot of the talk was about the recession and about how hard a time it is for books–especially fiction books. I know I’m buying fewer myself these days.
It was just nice to talk writing for a bit. Promotion, marketing, dialog, critique groups–all the stuff we talk about here, but the conversation went on for a couple of hours and not just with the other authors there.
One exchange I had with a gentleman who was making the rounds of the tables was about how you can tell when someone reads–or writes.
I think it’s vocabulary. Readers and writers strive for the exact right word. We know there is one. We may not be able to think of it at just this moment, but we know it. So we look it up.
What do you think?


One response to “Words! by Christine Duncan

  1. I love ebooks and there are some great titles and tips for selling ebooks here. I will make sure that I share this with my friends

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