Life’s too short by Karen Fainges

Watching a movie today I had one of those wonderful moments where everyone in the family was laughing at the same joke. Those sorts of moments are more precious than gold. So how do you capture those sorts of moments in words?

Shared experiences is the best way to go. Build a rapport based on mutual feelings and memories. Sights, smell, sounds, all these are important but memories are all that and more.

Still, when even those that speak english have misunderstandings due to words meaning different things to different cultures, how can we hope to cross cultural barriers. There are some images that we share. Santa is recognized in Japan, McDonald’s arches are even in Moscow. There are even more symbols, the burning twin towers, the moon landing, the fall of the Berlin Wall, they all hold emotional feelings.The child’s laughter, the lion’s roar, the smell of vomit, all covered with experience, though not pleasant.


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