Your Inner Editor by Karen Fainges

The Shayton Chronicles Book 3: The Children of Tamal by Karen Fainges (Fantasy: Vampire)My daughter recently celebrated a joint birthday party with her friends from school, all born within a few days of each other. They played games, swam, ate, talked, probably drove the poor mum who volunteered her place crazy, and read each other’s books.

It amazed me that Jess spent time at a party getting someone to look at her writing and tell her what they thought. Still, we all want that feedback, so I suppose it makes sense. What really amazed me was that Jess listened and took it on board, something she rarely does with me.

Our most critical reader is often ourselves. We look at it and rewrite, judge, pick on single words, spend ages with a thesaurus, a dozen changes big and small. Sometimes you need to tell the inner editor to shut up and just let you write. I call mine Fred. Fred gets locked in a cupboard when I really need to do some writing. I only let him out when it comes time to proof.

I wonder if I should get a stuffed toy or something called Fred so I can shove him in a cupboard for real. Could be fun. The dog would probably chew him though. …. now that’s a thought.


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