Ctrl F by Karen Fainges

Hi all.

First off I must apologise for my long absence. I have been battling the blurgs (as my hubbie calls them). Sometimes it all gets a bit much and I have to hide my head under the pillow. Still, part of the problem is not enough writing I think, so I am going back to being a good girl.

That definition of “good” is often a large part of the problem. If you define yourself as “good” or “bad” based on what you do, it can become a vicious circle pretty quickly if illness stops you from working.

There is  Facebook group called, “I wish life had an undo button”. People laugh at past mistakes and wish for a do over. For me, I think I would like a Ctrl F function. Ctrl F allows you to go through and find a particular word or phrase and edit it. I would love to go through and find the times I really was doing the things I enjoy, the things that made me proud and left the world a better place than when I started. Then I could focus on them, maybe even cut and paste them into other parts of my life.

So why put this in a writing blog? Well, there are times you write the perfect scene. Use your Ctrl F to go back and see why it worked so well for you and you might find yourself writing more perfect scenes – or even living them.


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