Always Learning

. so, once I wrote a book, all by myself.

Then I wrote a book that was commissioned, and that I worked with an editor and proof reader on. I finished that, surprisingly quickly (the second half just flew) – and realised I’d learned a lot.

Such as ‘show don’t tell’.

And just because I can see something clearly in my head, doesn’t mean everyone else can. Describe everything, where people are standing, what they are holding, what’s on the walls of the room, what the place smells like.

And you can’t just jump from one scene to the other – there must be a bridge – a moment of quietness, or introspection.

And I went back to the first book, and re-wrote it – again.

This is about the fifth time I’ve re-written it. I write it, I finish it, and then I have an experience – reading someone else’s work, taking a class, working with someone else – that teaches me something, and I go back and re-write the entire thing. (This last book, the new one, was a straight write, two re-writes and an proof read, and I’m happy with it, so it’s not just a character trait of mine).

I’m hoping this is it now, that I’ve finished. I think I’ve been struggling because I know it can be a good book, that it can really work, if only I can get it right – and I’ve never really felt that it is. Everytime I do something else, I learn something else to make it better. I think this time, after this re-write, I might actually be happy with it


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