Promo Ops by Christine Duncan Sometimes it is by thinking like a reader, that I get the best promo thoughts for my writing. For instance, I like to read books related to upcoming holidays to get me in the mood. So I am apt to visit to get ideas about what to read. Not so coincidentally, I went there when I got my last book published to see if they would list it as it is set at Thanksgiving.

A friend mentioned something about reading about the location she is going to before going on a trip. She found I looked at the site and can definitely see the possibilities both as a reader and a writer. It makes sense to me that people want to read about a particular place, whether because they’re going there, or maybe they’re homesick for it. I already knew about BiblioTravel and Library Booklists.

If you write kids books you might want to look into being listed on which has resources for school librarians.

And of course, Goodreads has a list too. Library thing has discussions on different states, although I’m not sure how comprehensive.

Fiction Menu helps people find books by plot,

Alternately, maybe you want to include your novel’s location (or holiday setting) in your meta tags for your blog or website.

So promo doesn’t have to be all about you talking up your book–something the shy among us have trouble with. Sometimes, it just consists of making sure people can find the book. So many opportunities so little time.


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