Accepting Help

. I’d always resisted working with an editor. When I wrote fanfic, I never used a beta reader – I could check my spelling and grammar myself, and always read through the story thoroughly first.

I didn’t like the idea of working with someone else. I was in dread that they would hate what I wrote, that they would criticise everything, that they wouldn’t understand what I was trying to do, that they would try to change everything.

But this time, I have to work with an editor, and as it turns out, it’s not so bad at all. In fact, it’s pretty good.

It’s useful to have someone guiding me through expected chapter lengths, and correct grammar. It’s good to have someone just mention that I need to put something else in, something I’ve forgotten. And it’s wonderful to have someone drop in a quick ‘maybe…’ remark that sparks a whole new train of thought, and a whole new page of work that I really like.

As it turns out, I do need a gentle guiding hand, and working with an editor is a lot more useful and helpful then I thought it would be.


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