Book Groups


As this is published, I’m actually at the very first meeting of a brand new book club I’ve joined.

It was set up by a friend of mine on the internet, and is open to friends, and friends of friends, making it quite an exclusive little club. We’ve chatted online about books we’ve loved, books we’ve hated, books we recommend, books to avoid, author annoucements and book prize winners. Tonight is our first meeting in real life.

Some of us know each other, but some of us have never met for real. It’ll be interesting to see what makes people love some books, and hate others. Are those book prize winners really so univerally loved? What is our secret reading pleasure? All good research for a budding author!

A few of us are also writers. Us writers are such solitary creatures that it’s always slightly odd when we get together in actual life. But it’s good to discuss writing techniques and ideas to keep going and what we’re working on. And a good strong discussion can help the ideas flow – even if only to prove everyone else wrong! And an evening like this can be invaluable to get the creative juices flowing when they’ve dried up a little.

I’m really looking forward to this (or was looking forward to this, as it is happening now). Just discussing books, with readers and writers, is such a boost to my own writing,and frankly, really enjoyable.


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