Reading by Christine Duncan

I just read Michelle’s post on reading and I had to jump in. A mother who couldn’t be bothered to read to her daughter? Really? Are we all that busy now?

My children are grown but I still remember reading The Monster at the End of this Book to them. It had to be done in an appropriately Grover-from-Sesame-street voice. The giggles were priceless. We went through copy after copy of that book. Green Eggs and Ham was another that had to be re-bought so the youngest could get to “read” it with me.

We looked forward to Halloween and Christmas through reading holiday books. And on car trips, they would read to me. We never had a radio in the car–for some reason, it was always broken. So we read. I never told them, until they were grown, just how much I hated Encyclopedia Brown.
But the stories were just the right length for boring errand trips.

I can still feel my arms around them, my chin on their heads as we read.

Anyway, enough nostalgia. I think as writers we can help get the next generation jump started. I know that many children’s book writers and YA novelists spend time at schools, but the rest of us can as well. I’m not talking about a book talk–just time reading to the kids, or helping them read.

Will it help you sell books? Ehh, probably not. Unless of course, we look at the way long haul. Fifteen or twenty years from now, those kids might buy your book.


One response to “Reading by Christine Duncan

  1. I know, I was shocked too. But the more I worked in the library, the more I saw parents like this. We ended up holding storytimes for the children where the parents also attended and learnt how to read to their child

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