How do You find New Authors to Read? by Christine Duncan One of my publishers emailed all of her authors today. She had received something from Amazon saying that they weren’t going to keep in stock books that weren’t selling. Big news, right?

The publisher seemed to think so. She was asking all of us to redouble our promotion efforts. My e-publisher asked this week that all of her authors get an author’s page on Amazon.

Then I read an MJ Rose article on how nothing we do in the way of Facebook or Twitter or blogging or any on-line promo makes any difference to what we buy (Sorry, but I can’t remember where the heck I saw that one so no link–anyway Ms. Rose gets enough publicity without me. She gets the attribution at least.)
All of this was enough to get my brain going. I need to promote but nothing I’ve been doing works. So how do I do promote?

When I want to find something to read, like for instance, for a recent airplane ride, I go to a bookstore and browse. Or to the library and browse. Or I look for some place on line for a recommendation for genres I like, such as Crimespace or Crimespace has a lot of authors promoting to me but hey! it’s what I want when I’m looking for something to read.

So most people really don’t like that?

We’re all authors so we all read, right?(This is one of those word problems you hated in school. 30 children are on a bus. The bus is going to NY. 20 kids got on in Hartford…) Anyway, so we should all be able to figure out where to find books, because we find ’em to read, right? And that would mean we should all be able to get our books there and have other folks find ’em, right?

Here’s what I’m thinking. You request my book in your library and I’ll request yours in mine. Email me, People!

And yeah, I could use some more promo ideas.


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