The spirit is willing but the flesh…


Again, sorry for lateness. I was working in the UK referendum.

I think I’m going to have a little moan this week. You see, I have this work to do, and a deadline to meet. I’m slightly worried I’m not going to meet the deadline.

It’s not that I’m short of ideas. I’m over-flowing with ideas. Nor am I short of inspiration – perfect lines are popping into my head all the time. No, what’s really getting in the way is my physical condition, and for that I firmly blame my day job.

For a start, it’s tiring. So I arrive home utterly exhausted. I can just get past the exhaustion by breaking my work down into tiny pieces and bribing myself to get through it (no CSI until you’ve typed two pages).

But the second problem is actually physically typing/writing. My normal job involves a lot of typing and writing – and it’s starting to make my wrists suffer. I recognise the starting symptoms – weak wrists and pain.

Last time this happened, I couldn’t write or type properly for a month. But I recognise the signs – so I wear a brace and use my left hand as much as possible.

But I also have to restrict my typing and writing. And whilst I desperately want to be able to write stories, if I don’t type at work, I lose my job.

I can’t tell you how many times this week I’ve sat at work typing, wishing desperately I was at home, typing my own work. I hate it when reality gets in the way of my dreams.

Sorry for this little whinge. It’s just that this whole restriction on writing at home is driving me crazy, and I have to let it out somewhere! And I know you, dear readers, will understand.

One day, my day job will actually be my writing. It may not stop RSI, but at least I’ll have developed it in a good cause.


One response to “The spirit is willing but the flesh…

  1. Sometimes the typing and/or sore eyes can be a real problem. As a teacher of night classes I see it in students all the time. The most important thing is to take lots of regular breaks, even if they are only a 10 second shake out. And look into some of the amazing ergonomic techs out there. A small change to a keyboard, mouse, screen can make a world of difference.

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