Product Placement and RSS Feeds by Christine Duncan A couple of author discussions have caught my eye this week and I wanted to get other writers’ opinions on them. The first one is on product placement in books.

I have heard of big name authors doing this before–having their hero drink one soft drink instead of another or perhaps going to stay in a brand name hotel. This gentleman has obviously elevated the whole thing to a new level. I have to tell you, when I’m watching TV shows and I see the commercial inside the show (Biggest Loser does this a lot) I tend to tape the show so I can fast-forward through those parts. I think if I had to wade through much of it in books, I might just not read that author anymore. But this is the quote in the article that caught my eye:

“Our economy is down and the traditional book publishing industry is down, so it’s either cry in a corner, or do something about it,” said Mr. Hurt, whose self-published book will be available for $7 on his website.

Really? Am I missing something? How does product placement help? It obviously gave him the money to do the trip that he wrote about but for the rest of us authors, writing fiction from home, how would product placement help? Am I missing something here?

The other thing that kept coming up this week was–astonishingly enough–RSS feeds. I don’t exactly know why. This blog is on a feed to both Twitter and Facebook, which is something I have long taken some static from friends and relatives about. My daughter told me she tends to skip over my Facebook posts, because it is just a blog feed. (It’s not true either–I post on Facebook–I just don’t live it on as much as my kids do.)

A writer friend told me she doesn’t bother visiting this blog anymore because she knows she’ll catch it on Facebook.

I have to say, I tend to block people on Twitter when all I get is another sales plea from them but blog feeds that end up on my Twitter or Facebook page are welcome to me. Sometimes it’s a way to sift through and see what I want to read.

What are your thoughts on that? Are there too many authors out there doing blog feeds? Do you want to just choose blogs for yourself and maybe read them from some aggregator like Google?

For me, it’s more about there is only so much time in a day, and I have to be careful how much time I spend on the ‘net. Although it obviously can be overdone–I don’t find it as gimmicky as having trading card pics of my heroes to hand out to folks (a trend lately with Romance Authors) or even older trends like Banner ads on sites. But maybe you have another take. Tell me.


One response to “Product Placement and RSS Feeds by Christine Duncan

  1. I have my blog feed going through Facebook just for the simple fact that my friends, if they so choose, can keep up with the various things going on my life. I don’t do status updates anymore, so this is the next best thing for me being there.

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